NewApK»Scanner Radio Pro v4.0.0.1

Posted by Christop Aenam on Friday, August 30, 2013
Scanner Radio Pro v4.0.0.1

Android Market : Android 4.0

Android Market : Listen audio from over 4,100 police scanners, weather radios, radio repeaters from around (primarily in States , being added daily) phone.

NewApK»Scanner Radio Pro v4.0.0.1 :

* View scanners located nearest you, sorted.

* View 50 scanners listeners (list updated every 5 minutes).

* View list added most recently (new additions added all ).

* Add scanners most Favorites list access.

* Browse (public safety, air traffic, weather, railroad, etc).

* Enable notifications notified when lots (such 1000,) scanner (indicating that something big ). also be notified when scanners located near you (or specific scanners choosing) than a certain number .

* Add Scanner Radio Pro widgets and shortcuts phone's home screen access (app cannot be installed card them).

* Add a "Scanner Radio Pro Favorite" shortcut home screen a scanner feed via an alarm clock app app.

* Listen .com's audio archives that's been archived over 30 days. Note: You *must* their "Premium Membership" ($15 months) their archives using .

In addition above Android Market , get Android Market NewApK»Scanner Radio Pro v4.0.0.1 app:

* .

* button top directory screens used listening without having player screen.

* "Scanner Radio Pro Locale PlgIn" plug-in installed /Tasker launch one Favorites automatically begin playing based conditions stop playing. One use feature scanner feed begin playing when connects specific Bluetooth device stop when Bluetooth device longer present.

( using real scanner radios.

If assistance, please contact me at

Explanation various permissions:

The "Phone Calls / Read Phone State" permission app so when you're placing a phone call (or when one is being received) so stop audio interfering call.

The "Fine (GPS) Location" and "Coarse Location" permissions so that what scanners area when you click on "Near Me". When on "Near Me" first attempts via , if then tries via GPS.

The "Automatically Start" permission so small portion app started when boots if ( if) notifications feature app (that feature off by default).

If repeats app stays connected for short time, try returning directory screen app, then select "Settings" from , then "Player settings", try changing the "Streaming method" setting.

What's New

Android Market a bug which was causing playing when listening app background.

Android Market a bug which resulted "Favorites" screen displayed-up cases.

Made a change so "Include "Exit"" setting upgrading ( users).



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